Term 1 2019

Room 2 have had a busy term 
We have had fun at the playground

We had a special visit from Harold 

        We have been practicing our cooking skills 

We have done lots of school work too 

Animal Day 2018.

The last day of term is here and our student council have chosen to host an Animal Day to raise funds for the SPCA. What a variety of animals in Room 2!

Thank you for your generous donations.

Term 3.

The Room 2 students have been working very hard and enjoying success this term.  Here are some examples of the activities we have been enjoying.

Term 3 so far...

Here we are setting out on a walk at Travis Wetlands, we saw lots of different birds, geese, swans, pukeko and lots of ducks.

Daniyal is sorting dinosaurs into colour groups, well done!

Lachlan is making a Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.

Great mixing Talia!

Riley loves playing the guitar in music.

Great colour sorting Connor!

James is concentrating very hard on his number work.

Jessica really enjoys messy play.

Our very own Dingle Dangle Scarecrow...Nico!

Talia, Lachlan and James are enjoying the daffodils in the Botanical Gardens in the Spring sunshine.

Nico in the sun.

The annual daffodil shot!

Welcome back to Room 2.
In Term 3 we will be focusing on shapes, colours and books.
This week we have been reading a book called 'My Many Coloured Days' by Dr. Seuss. Here we are doing many colours art work using coloured ice on sticks.